Botanist Triple Threat

Botanist Triple Threat


Bumblebee's Knees

- The Botanist Gin, Green Chartreuse, Honey, Lemon

Juice Box Vibes

- The Botanist Gin, Electric Goose (House Syruo with Saffron and Cape Gooseberries), Apple Juice, Pinapple Juice

Garden of Islay

- The Botanist Gin, Pimms No1, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Parsley, Celery, Orange Zest, Lime Juice

  • Packages


    18 Cocktails, Special Garnish, 2 Rock Glasses, 2 CoastersCitrus Marinated OlivesSpiced Marcona Almonds, Tearless Candle.

  • Cocktail Description

    When searching for premium gin look no further than The Botanist. 22 botanicals hand picked from the lush region of Islay (eee-la) in beautiful Scotland. To fully experience this bottle, were giving you 3 cocktails in 3 different styles to "experiment" with.

    Bumblebee's Knees:

    The Botanist can be a very herbaceous adventure so were going to support that in this variation on a house favourite. Complex herb infused liqueurs are added alongside lemon and honey in this spirit forward sipper.

    Juice Box Vibes:

    The Botanist also mingles well with juices and fruits. Not to worry, you know Pastiche's house rule by now, no super sweet cocktails here! A little trip down memory lane, this cocktail is served in a juice pouch with a steel straw #savetheturtles. Our juice box mix features childhood favourites apple and pineapple juice plus our secret "electric goose" syrum. Fruity, tangy, flavourful.

    Garden of Islay:
    The Botanist loves fresh veggies in cocktails. We love fresh veggies at Pastiche but also no waste! Scrap trimmings from bell pepper, parsley, celery, and carrot are used along side citrus peels to make this incredibly refreshing and sustainable beverage!

  • Cashback Policy

    $20 cashback upon returning the wooden box.  
    We offer free pickups every Sunday or you're most welcome to drop by Pastiche during business hours.




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