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- Cazadores Blanco Tequila

- Sombra Mezcal

- Jalepeno

- Pineapple

- Tamarind

- Lime 

- Corn husk

- Smoke

  • Package



    8 Cocktails, Special Garnish, Citrus Marinated Olives, Mixed Nuts (Spicy Marcona and Candied Walnut), Rocks Glass

  • Cocktail Description

    Smokey, spicy, tropical Margarita with pyrotechnics! We designed a house blended tequila mixed with Jalapeno infused mezcal. To calm down that “muy caliente” base we use fresh pineapple juice mixed with tamarind and lime. Ever smell a burnt corn husk? You will with this cocktail. Igniting a small piece of dehydrated corn husk adds a wonderful aromatic to the cocktail and the ash supports the smokiness of the mezcal. #leavetheashin

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