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Neo Fashioned

Neo Fashioned (Barrel Aged)



- Stalk and Barrel Whisky 

- Four Roses Bourbon 

- Lucano Amaro 

- Black Walnut 

- Oak

- Orange and Rosemary 

  • Package



    8 Cocktails, Special Garnish, Citrus Marinated Olives, Mixed Nuts (Spicy Marcona and Candied Walnut), Rocks Glass

  • Cocktail Description

    Don’t like a sweet Old Fashioned? Great! We replace sugar cubes and syrups with Amaro. An homage to the Old Fashioned, this barrel-aged, spirit forward sipper brings you fireside with aromas of charred wood and toasted rosemary. Living in our house solera system, the Neo Fashioned becomes increasingly more refined with time. Perfect for the professionaly tipsy issuing decrees. 

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