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Nonna's Negroni

Nonna's Negroni (Barrel Aged)



- Citadelle Gin

- Campari 

- Oak

- Housemade Nocino (Black Walnut Liqueur)

- Orange 

  • Package



    8 Cocktails, Special Garnish, Citrus Marinated Olives, Mixed Nuts (Spicy Marcona and Candied Walnut), Rocks Glass

  • Cocktail Description

    Our dear Nonna at Pastiche has passed down the perfect recipe for Nocino. That's Italian for delicious house made bitter sweet walnut liqueur. Bitter green walnut mimics Campari and natural sweeteners mimic vermouth making this the perfect additive to our barrel aged Negroni. The drink keeping family gatherings interesting since 1919. 

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